Health and Safety

Health and Safety is very important in the work place and following a risk assessment there was concerned about the risk of falls from openings along the edge of a mezzanine floor when pallets were being placed and retrieved using a fork lift-truck. So with a pallet safety gate from Pallet Gates UK you can stop this from happening. Pallet gates are installed into mezzanine floors in order to enable safe and easy access for the loading and unloading of pallets and other bulky goods up onto the mezzanine floor.

Falls from height account for more fatalities and injuries than any other work related accident. In an HSE case study it was decided that the best way to safeguard staff was to install a system of 'pivoting safety barriers', providing 'continuous edge protection'.

Protect you Workforce:

Read the HSE case study click the link below.

HSE - Pallet Safety Guidance