Ramota Safety Gate

The Safest Pivoting Pallet Gate on the Market?

Our Task:

ramota safety gateCustomer needed a number of pallet gates in a multi-tiered environment, VNA (very narrow aisle) trucks were in operation. Several strict criteria had to be met.

  • At NO POINT can any moving part protrude over the floor edge
  • Must take a pallet height of 1.8metres
  • Must operate within 2.3 metres of headroom
  • Must have a kickplate as standard
  • Must comply with all hand-rail regulations

Our Solution - the Ramota VNA

Increasing stringent HSE regulations mean that, where possible, every conveivable danger must be reasonably guarded against.

With any standard pivoting pallet gate the arms are at some point exposed to collision from passing traffic. At no point does the RAMOTA protrude past the edge of the mezzanine floor.

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